Always working for Your comfort LEMON TOWN
Always working for Your comfort
Let introduce friends
in Lemon Town.
  • 풀리 FULLY
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    “Th.. There is a Notice!”
    Fully is a all-round robot
    who knows everything about LEMON TOWN
    and is working hard to make a better service.
    Favorite : Study alone
    In charge of : Notice, app introduction
    • #Leader of LEMONTOWN
    • #Shy
    • #Multiplayer
    • #Engineer
  • 에디 EDI
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    “docu.! Leave it to me.”
    Electronic Data Interchange!
    E.D.I is the fastest and sharpest robot. He's
    changing the docu. from paper to electrons.
    Favorite : make E-documents
    In charge of : Issue documents
    • #Tech geek
    • #E-documents
    • #GoodBye papers
    • #EarlyAdapter
  • BUDDY 마음e
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    “Please ask me ~”
    Buddy is the most warm-hearted robot.
    Find Buddy and talk to her!
    buddy is always waiting for you.
    Favorite : Answering questions
    In charge of : Chat-bot
    • #Healer of LEMONTOWN
    • #Talkative
    • #Professional responser
    • #friendly
All you need to take care of is your own health!
Other stuffs are all done by Cheong Gu Ui Shin.
Cheong Gu Ui Shin is making the precious time for you to be with your families
LEMON Heath Care
We connect patients to medical facilities with ICT technology
And make smart healthcare ecosystem.

no more confusion!

From making appo-
intment to getting
queue tickets with
just your phone

Mobile payment
that doesn’t make
you wait

to shorten
your queuing line
at the pharmacy

submit medical
insurance claims

security is critical
for sensitive
healthcare data

  • 08506, 145, Gasan digital 1-ro,
    Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of korea
    (ACE High-end Tower 3, 1005)
  • 02-855-5815
  • 02-855-5816
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  • Technical